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We are a Philippines-based gold mining company and our main project is Maco Mine in the island of Mindanao. Maco was formerly known as “Masara” but the name change was effected in recognition of the entire municipality where mining occurs rather than one particular village near the mine.

AMCI has been operating for over 40 years but its management was taken over in late 2005 by a partnership between Crew Gold Corporation and Mapula Creek Gold Corporation Inc. a Philippines-owned mining company. In October 2009 the Crew Gold Corporation shareholding was purchased by a Malaysian based resource investment and development group. With the onset of technical review, some of the areas for improvement were already identified and handled by our technical team.

Significant focus on resource evaluation both in the current ore bodies and parallel structures, coupled with increased production from a range of areas is on-going.

We continue to investigate the optimum mining rate for the ore bodies and the viability of recovering both copper and zinc concentrates, should the copper and zinc prices recover.