Corporate Social Responsibility


The Company was adjudged first runner up in the category “Best Mining Forest in the Philippines for 2007” during the PMSEA Convention in Baguio City.

Our efforts towards responsible mining and environmental protection from the mountains to the sea have proved highly effective. Programs have included the establishment of an AMCI demonstration farm, which serves as the source of seedling dispersal in the community and a hub of intensive reforestation research on the mangium (indigenous acacia) species. The Company established a satellite nursery in the coastal community of the Province of Compostela Valley to propagate mangroves in compliance with the Memorandum of Agreement covering the “Adopt a Mangrove Forest” project that AMCI entered into with the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in June, 2007.

Information and education campaigns that focus on environmental protection are conducted in schools and offices on an ongoing basis.

The raising and dispersal of anglo-nubian goats were undertaken as part of the Company’s community livestock project.

Compliance with government regulations with respect to the environment includes regular visits from the Multipartite Monitoring Team, which evaluates company activities and ensures they remain well within the range of allowable activities for the region. Solid waste management program includes the impact barangays of the area. A regular waste collection is scheduled and a sanitary landfill site close to the Tailings Management Facility has been constructed.

Community Relations

The Company’s social responsibility towards the surrounding communities has been its constant priority ever since its mine development in the area began.

In 2007, infrastructure was built that caters to the needs of the community. Projects include the Teresa Elementary School, the Indigenous Peoples’ Office, the Road Maintenance Program, relocation sites with amenities, and assistance in the electrification of the Biucadan area.

Activities organized for different sectors of the impact communities include: the SPES program to train the youth for employment; the Inter-faith Forum to facilitate productive exchange of views; the provision of technical assistance to the Indigenous Peoples on their Ancestral Domain Sustainable Programs; and coordination with local government on the implementation of its development programs.

The Sumpaw ng Inangsabong Mansaka Inc. – the recognized Indigenous Peoples’ organization in the area – was awarded one million Pesos advance royalty payment by the Company for assistance with its projects. Such an award represents a level of monetary support unprecedented in the experience of the Indigenous Peoples.

Pilot projects that have started in 2008; the Manpower Recruitment Project to ensure work opportunities for the local settlers, initiated jointly by the four impact barangays and the Indigenous Peoples of the area and tourism development of Barangay Mainit Hot Spring.